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What makes us different

An underwriter at Mallard will review each proposal in depth rather than relying on a credit score or a computer. This means that we treat your customer as a human being not a statistic, so we can often help where other lenders can’t.

We do not seek to compete directly with the traditional “Prime Lenders” but are increasingly lending to their typical customers. We often find that we can help where a customer has been “max advanced” or “max termed” or where the vehicle is seen by other lenders as too old or has too many miles on the clock.

Our customers are individuals and companies ranging from those with exemplary credit records to those who have good credit but may fail an autoscore and on to people who have had problems but have worked their way through these. We can also help a lot of customers whose credit record fails the prime score, and work closely with other carefully selected finance companies who may be able to help when we can not.

Even though we underwrite manually, we will endeavour to respond to any proposal received during office hours within one hour.

How we will work with you

We assist our nationwide network of motor dealers through a dedicated sales team who can deal with any enquiry you have. Each of our dealers has an individual point of contact who can be contacted by telephone at any time.

If you would like a visit from Mallard, please call us to arrange this.

To talk to us, please call 01206 243100 and ask about sending applications to us. We hope that we can help you sell more vehicles.