How do I apply for finance?

The majority of our applicants are introduced to us through our motor dealer network but it may be more convenient for you to apply direct. We can discuss your requirements and provide advice and guidance with regards to vehicles we are able to finance before you make your application. If you have not yet found a vehicle and we are able to offer you finance, we can give you a credit limit to enable you to find a vehicle that you can afford.

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What finance options are available?

There are a range of finance products available in the market to help with your purchase. We offer “Hire Purchase” which we believe is the most straightforward solution available. This means that you pay a fixed amount each month with an additional payment due in the final month which transfers ownership of the car from us to you.

What happens if I have problems paying?

If you are having difficulty paying for any reason then please talk to us. Where ever possible we will seek to make an arrangement that allows you to keep the car. This is easier where there is only a short term cash flow issue perhaps due to an unexpected expense. In the case of longer term issues, perhaps due to a change of circumstance, we will talk to you to try to find the best solution for both parties.

I have had problems with credit in the past – can you help?

If you have current credit problems, then it is unlikely that we will be able to help you. The reality is that if you are already struggling to meet your existing commitments then it would be irresponsible for us to lend to you.

If you have had problems in the past but are putting these behind you then we will assess your application on its merits and because of our flexible approach, will look to help you purchase a car that you can afford alongside your current commitments.

Why has my application been rejected?

There are a number of reasons why we may be unable to help. This could be because you have had problems with credit in the past, because you have had insufficient previous credit for us to make an assessment or simply because you or the vehicle you were looking to buy did not meet our criteria.

If an application has been made to us and we are unable to help because of information held on your credit file, then we have a statutory duty to inform you of the decision, along with the name, address and telephone number of any Credit Reference Agency that was consulted during the assessment of the application.

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