By submitting an application form to us, you agree that you have sought and obtained the express permission of each applicant whose details you have entered into our form (the “Applicant”) to submit their details to us.

You have verified that all of the details in the form are correct.

You have informed each Applicant that we will submit their details to one or more credit reference agencies whose credit search against the record of such Applicant will be visible to third parties and may affect the ability of an Applicant to obtain credit in the future.

You have explained to each Applicant that with the consent of the Applicant we may pass their details to other providers of credit (unless you expressly ask us not to) which may also conduct searches with one or more credit reference agencies, and you have sought freely given, informed consent from the Applicant in respect of such disclosure. You have notified each Applicant who consented to this use of their personal data.

You have obtained the consent of each Applicant to our conducting further searches in the future and using their personal data for statistical analysis, and notified them that we have a legitimate interest to trace them in the event that they do not adhere to their obligations under any finance agreement we enter into with them or otherwise assess their circumstances now or in the future.

You have sought and obtained the express consent to our viewing the credit record of any individual to whom they are currently financially linked from the relevant Applicant and also from that linked individual.

Applicants and the linked individuals have been made aware that our search of their credit record may affect the ability of any linked individual to obtain credit. Where there is more than one Applicant, each is aware that their application may result in their becoming financially linked with one-another in the records of one or more credit reference agency.

You hereby indemnify us on demand for any loss (however caused) arising on our part as a result of your breach of these terms and conditions.